The social life for students when learning at Bangor University

With the friendly environment, a centre place is Bangor University where is good for learning, researching and studying. Bangor University is so friendly nature and with the size of Bangor University, this is easy to get more about people and students at Bangor University tend to settle-in easily and professional.

At Bangor University, you can go walking with a short time from the centre of city to buildings of Bangor University and the halls of residences for students. In the centre of city where you can find a lot of national chain stores and many of the smaller local businesses. When you choose Bangor University to study or research, and Bangor University is locatedin Bangor of the UK where is a place of the best places in the UK for students, according by the surveys of students learning in the UK. Bangor University is one of the best choice when you decide to learn in the UK.

At Bangor University, you should take care to the Students’ Union. Most of time in your social life at Bangor Universitywill be made by the Students’ Union. The Students’ Union of Bangor University will offer for you about services, supports to you in some problems or the activities or entertainments for students. The Students’ Uinion has a large of the memberships who are students at Bangor University, they join in the Students’ Union clubs or the Students’ Union societies and the charge for becoming the membership is free for all clubs and societies. When becoming a membership of The Students’ Union, you can take part in the sports and the most of the activities are offered for the membership.

The entertainment and the social life

At Bangor University, there is a night club with named Academi. In the Academi night club, there are many activities of the night-time for students, such as: dance, entertainment or relax, meeting friends or more. Academi is the most famous in the Students’ Union of Bangor University. Academi night club has two bars, a café and a shop. In here, students can spend time for relax and entertainment. This is convenience for students at Bangor University.

At Bangor University, you can take care to the Pontio centre. This is a major social hub for students where is an international centre for students learning and the innovation and the performing arts. And the Students’ Union is becoming a new home of students. You can go to the theatre, studio theatre, cinema or the lecture theatres, the exhibition spaces or go to the bar or meeting friends in the café.

If you live in the hall of residences for students of Bangor University, you can join in the Campus life. You can take part to study or meeting new friends and take part some of the activities or can try to some of the different activities of The Students’ Union.

Clubs and Societies of Bangor University are popular and where offer to students of Bangor University many exciting activities. Bangor University is one of the best universities in the UK about Clubs and Societies according by the What Uni Student Choice Awards in 2015.

And when you learn at Bangor University, you can choose some of the over 150 clubs and societies and all offer free of charge for membership.

You can find more information about the social life for students learning at Bangor University, this is great when you give decision to learning at Bangor University.


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