The introduction about the cars

Today, with the development of technology and science, there are many convenience products support to our life, including the cars. The cars really become an importance part of our life in every day. When you use the cars, the cars help our life becoming convenience and swift. But when there are many cars be used, there are many problems of the society, including many serious problems. There are many people only claim the disadvantages of car more than the advantages when say about the cars. I think there are some not clearly problems when they say about the cars. 

Since about one century ago, in over the world, you can see that the auto industry has developed with the full speed and this industry has brought many progressed for our life and has brought anything for our life, make our life to become better. For examples, the cars are the most convenience tools to transportations, you can use to travel, to connect everyone in over the world. The cars help you in the protection when meet some problems of weather. You can save time than use some public transportations and so on. Our family can use the cars to go to travel on the vacation, and the cars can help our in some problems of life. The car is an importance role in our life in every day. The cars make our life become faster and faster, make business become more effective and make market to become quickly and interesting. 

The development of the cars has brought anything else for our life and there are many impacts to others industries in over the world. When the auto industry has developed, there are many opportunities about jobs for many people in over the world. When this industry has developed, this industry impact to others industries in over the world, we can see that the manufacturing industry, repair industry, the maintain industry and so on. And with the cars are used in over the world, there are many chances in the auto industry and other industries in over the world. We are can get the most convenience of the cars brought. The cars support our life, our business, our relationships anything else. However, we can’t say no about some problems of society when there are many cars. We can see that these problems of society. When there are many cars, the cars can make the traffic jam, the pollution of air, traffic accident and so on. I think we should have some solutions for these problems. 

We can see that the cars bring anything to our life, make our life become better and get many opportunities for everyone in over the world. There are many advantages for you when you use the cars. But I think about some disadvantages when you use the cars, now the most of organizations and the governments together try to control these problems and give some solutions for these problems and they want to make our life become brighter and better for our life. I think nothing impossible. 

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