The introduce about Durham University in the UK

Durham University is one of the truly world-class universities. Durham University has a long history, where is welcome students and everyone in over the world. Durham University has many collaborative international partnerships with many universities in the world which allow Durham University can share knowledge and researching or research about culture in the world. When you choose Durham University for learning or researching, you will be in the high demand of the global about career and professional.

Durham University is established in 1832 and this is one of the oldest universities in the UK, after Oxford University and Cambridge University. And Durham University is ranked on the top ten universities in the UK. Durham University is a university with the traditional values and the modern values.

According by the Russell Group the Complete University Guide in 2015, Durham University is ranked the 5th of the universities in the UK and Durham University is one of the top 100 universities in the world, according by the QS World Ranking in 2015. And more, Durham University also be ranked on the top 50 for employer reputation in the world, according by the QS World Ranking in 2015.

There are over 4,500 international students choose Durham University to study or to research who come from 156 countries of over the world. Durham University is the second home for international students when they choose Durham University for learning or researching.

When you choose Durham University for learning or researching, you will receive more facilities to complements and support for your studies or for researching. The facilities at Durham University are invested with continued. And you can see more about the development of the lecture theatres, about the seminar rooms or development of the specific facilities, including: about the science lab, the equipment for learning and researching or investment for libraries of Durham University.

When you stay at the Durham City Campus and the Queen’s Campus, students will be prepared about a range of resources, including the well-stocked libraries, the IT services and you can use Wi-Fi in these campus and in all of colleges. You will receive many benefit from the awards of Durham University where you will have many supports for learning and researching.

You are an international student, you are finding one course for learning or researching. And you want to learn another language is not the mother language. You should learn hard and this prepare to you anything from skills of language, including speaking, reading, writing and listening for learning and researching and these make you get a good job in the future and get more opportunities in career. And you should choose Durham University to learn and research. At Durham University, you will be offer the services, support in learning another languages, special is English. English is a global university, it make you more skills and help you about all fields, from finding about culture to travel or learning and researching or work over the world or chatting with friends in over the world. This is a language which help you can connect to everyone in the world. Choosing Durham University is a good choice for your future.

If you want to find more information about Durham University, you can visit Durham University’s site or contact to Durham University, you will receive more interesting information when you want to learn in the UK.



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