In the education, We always research anything for master of education and innovation teaching methods. They are important to day. And then, I will present 3 opitions for improve master of education.

  1. Improve the traditional teaching.

The traditional teaching such as presentation, conversations, exercise is an important method in teaching. Innovating teaching methods by no means eliminates the traditional teaching methods familiar to begin with to improve efficiency and limit their disadvantage. To improve the effective of this teaching method, the first, teacher should understand master the requirements and use the expertise in preparing and conducting for lesson in the class, such as usage of  showdown, tips of presentation , explained in the presentation, tips of ask questions and tips of the responses in conversation, or show model in practice. However, the traditional teaching methods have limited, so besides of the traditional teaching methods, we should use new teaching methods, especially methods and tips active learning and creativity of students. Such as improve student in presentations, conversations with teaching to solve the problem.

  1. Combine a variety of teaching methods

No one teaching methods suitable for all objectives and content of teaching. Each method and form of learning has advantages and disadvantages and limited personal use. So coordinating  methods and forms of teaching in all processing of learning is an important direction to make integration va improve quality of teaching. Teaching with class, group and individual is the social form of teaching should be combined with each other, each form has individual function. Single status of the teaching in class and presentation methods need to be overcome, particularly through teamwork.

Today, in high school with teaching practice, many teachers have improved all class oriented combination of teacher presentations and  teamwork to contribute activities of students. However teamwork just not limited to the resolution of tasks interspersed in presentation, but there are other forms of teamwork solve tasks, using special methods like method acting, case studies and projects. On the other hand, the addition of  learning with teamwork alternate in a new class for visible goods positive work “outside” of the students. To ensure a positive reform “inside” should pay attention to the surface of teaching methods, using problem-solving teaching and the teaching methods with other positive.

  1. Applying problem-solving teaching

Problem solving Teaching (Teaching raise, teach to recognize and solve problems) is the view of teaching to develop thinking capacity, the ability to identify and solve problems. School is located in a problem situation, it contains contradictory situation, through solving problems, helping students acquire the knowledge, skills and cognitive methods. Problem solving teaching is the way to promote fundamental positive perceptions of students, can be applied in various of teaching with the different levels of self-students.

The situation is problem situations of scientific expertise, can also be tied to practical situations. In the current, teaching practices, problem solving teaching often pay attention to the problem of scientific expertise that little more attention to the problems associated with the practice. However, if you only focus on solving problems in cognitive science specialization the student has not been well prepared for the resolution of practical situations. So besides problem solving teaching , didactics also build teaching perspective on the situation.


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